Vicki has an impressive history in the media, as a best selling author, as a successful owner of a public relations business, and as a popular speaker for corporate events.
Here are a list of her accomplishments:

  • Was personally mentored to speak by the world’s top motivator, Zig Ziglar
  • Earned a Certified Speaking Professional designation. That’s only been done by 12% of speakers worldwide (and few women)
  • Wrote two best-sellers. The first book sold 5000 copies the day it was released
  • Hosted Dallas TV news & talk shows including the Dallas Cowboys’ Program, “Special Edition”
  • Interviewed five U.S. Presidents (from Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush)
  • Led the Public Relations campaign for color-coded BeautiControl Cosmetics (She’s a “Spring”)
  • Bakes chocolate brownies so rich, you can actually feel your arteries snap shut
  • Exudes energy and loves to laugh

Vicki learned techniques that will help your company do MORE business. She’ll teach your people fun, easy ways to:

  • Attract and keep customers
  • Hammer deadlines
  • Stay positive
  • Master all that annoying (but necessary) change

Most businesses fail because they can’t satisfy customers, hit deadlines, stay productive or, the biggie, embrace change.

As a result, companies suffer from low morale, frustrated customers, apathetic workers, low productivity and–the worst–losing jobs to competitors.

THEN, there are companies who follow Vicki’s techniques. Do THAT and you’ll get:

  • Enthusiastic customers
  • Astonishing productivity
  • A positive work environment
  • The ability to conquer change 

As you plan your next meeting, book Vicki. Not only is she a fireball of fun…with NO Power Point…she’ll delight your audience and help you ENERGIZE YOUR BUSINESS!