Main Business Speaker FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About A Main Business Speaker:

Sometimes meeting planners want to know how a motivational or storytelling speaker can help at their corporate conference or business event.  Meeting planners want to know about the value a speaker can bring to their event.

A Keynote Address is Important To Your 2017 Corporate Revenue

Q:  Why should someone hire a motivational speaker?

A: Professionals attend events to increase their knowledge.  The right keynote speaker can energize the audience and set the mood for the event.  They can make sure you message is highlighted in a fun and interactive way.

Q: What is the difference between a motivational speaker or an industry speaker?

A:  A motivational speaker is the star, while an industry speaker makes the audience the star.  A motivational speaker is best utilized to open an event or closing an event.

Customer Service and/or Teamwork Issues?

Q: What is best: someone that is a great storyteller or someone that is funny?

A: A great storyteller will increase audience participation. While humor can be good, misplaced humor can also lose the audience.  A great find is someone that has the perfect mix of humor and storytelling to help your audience remember what they learn.

Q: How much is a speaker?

A: This is dependent on many factors, how large is your event? Where is it held? What are the particulars of the event?  Know you budget.  Don’t assume a speaker that you like is out of your price range.

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