Better Customer Service – Customer Service and Teamwork

Vicki’s “signature” keynote.  Boost relationships at work and at home.  GREAT kickoff.  Lasting results.

Vicki Hitzges receives a standing ovation for her speech“PUT AWAY THE LAWNMOWER, CHARLIE, THOSE ARE TREES OUT THERE” 

POPULAR kickoff or closing convention keynote. Highly interactive.

 Your audiences will discover how to:
• Actively listen (the #1 sales and relationship skill)
• Make a whiz bang, positive impression
• Win others’ willing cooperation
• Master positive thinking
• Give and accept compliments (a top relationship-building skill)
• Keep your organization positive through encouragement

Imagine if your employees, prospects and customers thought of your company as “the place I love to go.”

Make sure your team masters these vital skills so you enjoy long-term, solid business relationships.

ADDRESSES: How to Work Together (and Enjoy It!), How to Be An Asset, How to Deliver Quality Service

RESULTS: High morale. High productivity. Enthusiastic Internal and External Customers.

You’ll enjoy a positive, productive, VIBRANT workplace!