See what businesses are saying…

Ford Motor Company
“The day flew by however, the content is STILL remembered and getting results at Ford.  Attendees want to hear you again…I’m getting a LOT of pressure from them—and that’s WONDERFUL! Thank you for sharing your up-beat personality with us.”
M Griffin
“WOW, what a pistol.  Your energy, passion and enthusiasm almost jumped off the stage at us.  You had us on the edge of our seat just waiting to hear what you were going to say next.  What you shared was a HUGE hit.  I highly recommend you.”
T Rudulph, Chair
Allstate Insurance
“Everyone in the Omaha office is PUMPED! My husband, Mark, (shorter, balding, crazy guy) works there and he went on and on (and on) about your program. He said you were exactly on target and made the learning fun as well.”
C H, Market Claim Mgr

BBB of Southern Colorado

“You are AMAZING!!!!  It’s rare that a speaker gets TWO standing ovations.  The feedback was astounding.  Our goal was to help business owners improve their customer service –they learned how to do that and more.  You’re my new hero!”  
Z Richardson

Chase Bank

“You have that magical mix of “must-haves” for a platform speaker. You are 1/3 informational, 1/3 motivational and 1/3 entertaining. You turn managers into rock stars and somehow, your message gets remembered.”
D Meador, (Booked Vicki nine times)

Boston Scientific Corp.
“Vicki Hitzges gave our day-long meeting just the right ending, bringing with her energy, smiles, and laughs.  Our colleagues left energized and invigorated; they called Vicki an exceptional speaker, the highlight of the entire meeting!”
R Werner, Global Compliance
Patton Boggs, LLP

“The staff can’t stop talking about what a great retreat they had. They were inspired by your words and your genuineness. They’ll use your practical tips at work and at home. We thoroughly enjoyed you!”
N Bennett, Dir. of Admin.

College of the N Atlantic-Qatar

“You were much, much more than just a keynote speaker:  You were an excellent role model for women; you were a leader who motivated; and you were a friend to each and every person you met.  You are someone we will never forget.”
C Larlee, BEd, MEd

Hickory Farms

“Your personality lights up the room and the light never dims! Your positive attitude is contagious and your message informative and interesting. You contributed greatly to our meeting’s success!”
G.W. Smith, VP