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Wants to know how to eliminate competition in any business?  Here’s one big secret:  Everybody needs to change.  Everybody!  We can’t wipe out the competition unless we DO change.  And change rapidly.  For instance, fashion changes each season. Car styles also change every year. Heavily regulated industries like banks, security firms, and hospitals need to keep up with changing regulations.  But sometimes people in businesses you might not expect also need to change! To show you what I mean, watch this video.  Then, if your group needs help going through change, follow this link to read about a fun presentation to help you conquer change!

Just to show you how important change is to eliminate competition in any business, think about a business like Zappos.  When Zappos came on the scene, they literally changed the way people bought shoes.  Imagine buying your shoes online!  Actually, you probably can because you do!  That’s because of the insane positive change in customer service that Zappos brought to the scene.  Talk about a change!

Or Amazon!  It wasn’t long ago when we all didn’t just shop, we hung out at the mall.  But that changed when Amazon hit the scene.  Now, we buy EVERYTHING online and expect it to land on our doorstep the next day!  And it does! Not only has that business changed our shopping habits, it’s changed where we go, what we do, sales jobs, wholesale, imports, what we do with all those cardboard boxes — the list goes on and on.  It’s a business that changed our lives.

Every business must change.  And when it does, it eliminates the competition.

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